Senioritis: A Case of Dumb

Over the years, I’ve seen high school seniors blow it. With an attitude that “senior year is soooooo over,” students set their own traps to be caught is something they will regret.

Below are some terrific quotes I found on the website, Collegedata: good advice from specialists in the admissions field (Watch the video at right):

“Good students don’t wait for anything. Now is the time to DO. Focus on your studies, because this year colleges have many more qualified applicants than spots. If your last semester grades in high school are a letdown, it won’t take much for the college of your dreams to change its mind. You want to avoid that nightmare. Also, go teach something to someone. The best college students are those who know what it means to learn AND to teach. Now that college applications are done, you have some free time. Go coach a basketball clinic at the “Y”, tutor at the library, show your parents how to Skype. Believe me, you’ll want them to have that skill in a couple of months.”
Patrick O’Connor
Director of College Counseling
Roeper School
Birmingham, MI
“Waiting for admissions decisions is almost as painful as completing your applications, but be patient. Admission committees everywhere will be reading all of the information you provided and giving your materials careful review. It takes time to do this kind of work and to make thoughtful decisions — and that’s what we are trying to do. Spend some time deciding what information you need from schools that will help you decide where to enroll once you are admitted. Come up with a series of questions that you will ask the admissions staff or research on the college’s website to continue to explore “best fit.” Think about your fall-back plan if any admission offers or necessary financial aid doesn’t come through. And maybe just take a breath and enjoy your senior year!”
Madeleine Rhyneer
Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid
Willamette University
Salem, OR
“Take a breath and relax. Your work is done, and what happens next is out of your hands. You have submitted the best applications you possibly could, and now you must wait. Do not obsess over this process; do not waste your energy worrying. The hard part is over for you, so believe in what you did and believe in the process.”
Douglas Christiansen
Vice Provost for Enrollment
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
“Waiting can be the most challenging part of the admission process. While you wait, focus on your current classes and activities. The more consistent the effort you put into these, the better prepared you will be for the transition to college. It’s also important to keep monitoring your e-mail and application accounts in case a college needs something more from you to complete your file…. Lastly, be sure to enjoy time with your friends. After all, senior year will be over before you know it.”
Julie Manhan
Educational Consultant
College Navigation
Seattle, WA
Website here.


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