College Financial Aid – How About Paying Half Price?

Go west, young man? No. Go north!

To Canada.

College there is a most viable alternative, as my video here will attest.

With its own best schools, the cost can be half the price of US schools. Here are 3 good examples:

University of Toronto Rated the #1 school in Canada. Its cost in US dollars approximates $24,000-$26,000 a year with single room and meal plan. America’s top-rated colleges cost between $45,000 and $50,000 a year. The U of T has had “major research achievements such as the discovery of insulin, the creation of the first electronic heart pacemaker, the single lung transplant and the discovery of the gene responsible for the most severe form of Alzheimer’s disease.” Morley Safer of 60 Minutes claims Toronto to be the best-designed city in North America. Flight time from Boston to Toronto: 1 hr 38 min; Drive time from Boston, MA to Ithaca College (NY): 6 hrs 30 min. See Free Travel on the next page.

Univ of Toronto website:

McGill University is an English-language university located in the center of one the largest French-speaking cities in the world. A modern city with a distinctly European flair, Montreal is home for one of Canada’s largest universities with almost 30,000 students, offering programs in some 300 disciplines. Cost in US dollars per year: $23,000-$25,000 with a single room and meal plan. This school may be the best bargain in all of North America. Flight time from Boston to Montreal: 1 hr 10 min; Drive Time from Boston, MA to Univ of Vermont, 4 hours 36 min

McGill University website:

Dalhousie University Located in the heart of eastern Canada’s most popular tourist city, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dalhousie’s campus is within walking distance of other colleges, historic sites, and seaside attractions. Students come from all across Canada and over 100 countries. A number of Dalhousie’s departments have been
ranked among the best in the country. Cost in US dollars: $16,000-18,000/yr with a single room and meal plan. Flight time from Boston to Halifax: 1 hr 25 min; Drive Time from Boston, MA to Villanova (PA): 5 hr 34 min

Dalhousie University website:

Free Travel With higher gasoline prices, you can fly FREE to and from these schools if you get one of those airline credit cards. They allow you to earn bonus miles on purchases made at gas stations, supermarkets, home improvement and hardware stores, drugstores, U.S. Post Office, and how about this? – paying for college! You’ll feel right at home when these colleges have you fill out the standard FAFSA form for financial aid.

It’s a good time to look north of the border. It’s a proven way to win the college game.
The above is an excerpt from my book, How To Win The College Game.  Join the discussion on Facebook.


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2 Responses to “College Financial Aid – How About Paying Half Price?”

  1. Mark Montgomery | Great College Advice Says:

    Hi, Paul. Good stuff.

    Canadian universities can be a great deal, and many are very good when compared to similar US universities. But US students do need to keep in mind that most Canadian universities are very large, and many do not provide much in the way of residential life. Both Toronto and McGill are ginormous! They might be a great fit for all students.

    Furthermore, if a student is savvy in choosing US colleges–even the most expensive ones–they can get a 50% discount off of tuition with relative ease. It’s all in having the right strategy.

    All the best!

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