College Admission: Are There Wrong Extracurricular Activities?

Regardless of what’s on your student’s high school activity sheet (resume), here’s a single tip among many: Don’t be a “One Day Wonder.”

That’s the student who puts on his/her activity sheet, for example, the following entry: “Walk for Hunger.” That’s a student who has nothing on her resume and was told she has to do something. “Well,” the student thinks, “I like to walk, and this will look good on my resume.”  Sorry, but it won’t. The video says it all.

One Day Wonders look shallow and uncommitted to anything. Can you spell “r-e-j-e-c-t-e-d?” Colleges want to see evidence that you are committed to something – anything!

Work at one sport, one job, one club, one anything, so it shows you’re engaged in an activity that’s meaningful to you or to your community.

I had a student who amassed a huge butterfly collection, and the colleges loved the fact that this student’s interest was so unique. It added to their mozaic of a well-rounded freshman class (versus a well-rounded student, which is not what a college is looking for).

Here’s a website that’s got plenty of ideas for an activity your student could really enjoy: Be sure a lot of time is taken on this site to discover what that activity is.
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