College Financial Aid Tip: Use Caller ID

Caller ID rules.
This little techy marvel works like a terrific warning shot. It’s part of the heavy ammo in the battle with the colleges, another bullet that can have a very positive effect. When you see a college’s name or “unknown,” do not answer the phone. You’ve just dodged a bullet from a college. If you do answer, the caller will put you on the spot and tell you there’s no more money. Now what?

Colleges are champions of fiction.
If you hear the official say there’s no more money, that’s titanic baloney. But how do you respond? You could imitate the Mayor of Boston who’s affectionately known as “Mumbles.” Point: Colleges don’t give you money; they give you a discount off the sticker price. There’s no cash transacted!

Never talk to anyone in a college’s financial aid office when you’re looking to get more aid. NEVER. The college will be forced to answer your appeal by email. You’ll be able to look at it and take plenty of time to deliberate and decide how you will respond, something you can’t do on the spot (at least I can’t). Stay in control, and the chances are good, with enough finely-crafted and re-worded emails of appeal, the college will throw you a gratuitous “bone.” Be a nuisance, but be a nice one.

Take the bone and ask for another one.
Some of my clients this year received a bone of $1,000 (X 4 years = $4,000). I told each client that the amount was too small, and that we ought to ask for more from an industry that gouges parents every year with 6%-average increases. More colleges took my bait this year, particularly private schools, who artificially inflate their prices so that they can give you a “feel-good” scholarhship (discount!).  Reality check: private colleges are the minted used-car salesmen of academia.

When to take “NO” for an answer
Because I’m a college admissions and financial aid coach, I always tell my clients to persist to win, but there’s a time to stop with the appeals. When? I have a formula, but I won’t state it here because colleges are reading every word you’re reading now. I don’t show all my cards in this college game. If you want to know the formula, call me at 1-888-876-1863. Remember that I have Caller ID, and if you’re calling from a college or “unknown,” can you guess what my reaction will be?
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