How To Get Into College: It’s All About Presentation

Print out the following quotation and post it all over the house for both you and your student to see at least forty times a day:

The truth shall set you free.
“I have found that there is one little word that can make the difference between being accepted to a university, being put on the waiting list, and being denied admission: Presentation.”  Kevin M. Hatgas, Asst Dir Admissions, John Carroll University

Key to Success
Ask a student how he got his summer job. Listen carefully to the answer. Try to hear some connection to GRADES. You won’t. Which is my point. The employer hired your child based on how s/he came across, how they presented themselves, and amazingly, the employer never asked about their grades. Because grades are not the issue.

Definition of Presentation
What do I mean by presentation? Submitting a perfect application (read: perfect spelling and capitalization), getting a letter of recommendation that reads like a story instead of a laundry list of personal characteristics, an essay that shows evidence that Spellcheck was used, etc., etc., etc.

Act now.
Now print out the above quote and good luck!
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