College Diversity: Code for Race Discrimination

College Diversity
Your high school student may not be admitted to any of the top 50 colleges because his or her skin color is white.  And you thought our nation was on the way to equality from the day Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  Leave it to the academic community to snub its nose at history even as they teach it.

Poor Whites
White kids from poor families are the most discriminated against group in the college admissions office, according to a recent analysis of a Princeton University study. If your child fits into this category, how will you reveal that s/he is undesireable and unwanted?

Redefinition of “Elite”
The definition of “elite” assumes that “the best and the brightest” are coming to campus. This definition can no longer apply. Since these colleges are practicing discrimination, which is already illegal, they are knowingly accepting less talented students (read: students with lower test scores and GPAs). Is it fair? Do these colleges care what we think?  Their reaction is blunt: if you don’t like it, apply elsewhere. It’s like living in a thick smog, and when you complain about the air, their reaction is to advise you to stop breathing. In effect, the problem never goes away.  “Elite” now stands for “the best and the non-qualified.”

Affirmative Action (from my book, The College Game)
“From the LA Times: ‘Affirmative action is highly unpopular…92% of the public (86% of blacks) agreed that admissions, hiring and promotion decisions should be based strictly on merit and qualifications other than race and ethnicity. Only bureaucrats and intellectuals…love affirmative action.'”

Diversity is now a dirty word. At the risk of looking naive and living in a fantasy world, the brightest high school students should seriously consider not applying to any of these colleges. That’s until professors at these colleges stop treating “the content of your character” as a concept in a history book from which they refuse to teach.
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