The College Interview: Practice Where? (with video)

The College Interview
To succeed in the college interview means practice, practice, practice. Make sure your teen reads this.

How do you do that?
You want to set up the interview with someone in the admissions office at three schools where your student has no interest in applying.

Make certain your child goes into those interviews totally unprepared!  That means…whatever questions they’re asked won’t matter if they can’t be answered.

If your child feels a need to answer questions while sitting there totally clueless, suggest using the teen rhetorical classic: “Dunno.” 

The interviewer will nod in agreement just to be nice.

The point here is…
Once students leave the interview, they should write down all those questions they couldn’t  answer. Then compare them to all those other questions your student couldn’t answer from the other schools and you will know what questions are likely to be asked in the interview that really counts. Prepare well now that you have the advantage.
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