How To Choose A College – It’s The Money, Stupid!

How To Choose A College
The title of this blog isn’t meant to insult in the manner skillfully honed by politicians, but to radically focus where your attention might work to its best advantage.

On the money.

I have formulae that I have my own clients follow, such as applying early to schools where the student has a great chance to get in and get financial aid. And that’s contingent upon the student having a minimum of 30 SAT points over the college’s average. I’m going to change that formula right here and now.

100 Points MINIMUM!
One of my clients has a daughter applying to colleges whose SAT scores are 100 points (or better) than what the colleges are asking for. These college will not wonder why she’s applying there and won’t care. They care about image (read: themselves), and a student who shows up with at least 100 extra SAT points will be received like a conquering hero. But not without a solid investment in that student from the college. What investment you ask? The money.

Show me the money!
I’m having my clients tell the colleges, in effect, “You want my daughter? Show me the money!” Can I get any simpler than that? Apply to colleges where your child’s SAT scores are at least 100 points over the college’s average, and watch the colleges salivate, huff and puff. You stand to get more  money (read: discount!) than if you only applied to colleges where your SAT points where 30 points more.

This is war!
Fight for every dime you’re offered. When you think they gave you a lot, ask for more. Never – never! – be impressed with what a college offers you in financial aid. Unless it’s a full ride, and then ask that your daughter be picked up in a limo each day. I jest.

It’s about the money, and the great thing going for you parents is that it’s a buyer’s market. Of course, your friends who won’t be reading this blog will be thinking how lucky their kid is going to Brand Name College without mentioning all the debt that comes with it.

You’ve got incredible choices – over 4,000 colleges to choose from. And your kids ought to be looking South for colleges whose prices are less, colleges that love far-away students, and are not afraid to offer an attractive student (read: much better SAT scores) a big discount.

And you’re waiting for?…
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