Why Are Ivy League Colleges Irrelevant?

Ivy League colleges are finally irrelevant.
They don’t mean much any more.  They’re known as being “prestige” colleges and “elite” colleges. But only to people who like to write about them. In this political climate where long-held requirements for political office are being tossed overboard, its ripple effect is growing to be a tsunami. It’s over, Ivys. You can no longer take “prestige” and “elite” to the bank. Such terms are now bankrupt of meaning. And it’s about time.

The arrogance astounds.
Every May these colleges love to remind us how many applicants they reject, as if telling the world that rejecting talented students is a redeeming quality to be advertised. They don’t get it: they don’t get that nobody really cares about their statistics, that they have large armies of teaching assistants masquerading as faculty, and if your student wants an appointment with a famous professor, forget it – he doesn’t talk to undergrads. You can find this information in a new book that’s partly written by an Ivy League professor (I wonder if she still has her job…).

Wall Street Report
It’s a well-established fact from this report that companies are now recruiting grads from big state universities instead of going after the Ivy grads. Why? One conclusion was stated this way: “Recruiters say graduates of top public universities are often among the most prepared and well-rounded academically, the WSJ said. Companies have found they fit well into their corporate cultures and over time have the best track record in their firms.”

My conclusion?
The Ivys costs a whole lot more and deliver a whole lot less. Period. This is capitalist America where the free market decides the outcome. And the Ivys are too arrogant to notice or care. After all, there are enough parents out there who don’t get it either.
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