College Planning: Video Series Reduces Stress

Nope. This is not your father’s exercise machine. It’s the College Prep Formula, and it’s available now.

The College Prep Formula is a new weekly video subscription service designed to give your student the little-known ways of getting into their right-fit colleges and to give parents some original new ways to pay less for college.  And it was  created by yours truly. Yup…I’m being totally self-serving by mentioning it here. But how else am I going to announce it? No secrets here.

I’m increasing the odds of your child getting into college, not to mention the thousands of dollars I’ll save you in college costs if you subscribe to my College Prep Formula. But first you have to click here.

I spent two years test-marketing this product on my own clients. They helped me to tighten up these videos with the most critical information they needed right away, and in a way that is not overwhelming. I do not believe in information overload, so I devised this service to be sent to you gradually and deliberately, without you feeling stressed out about the whole college planning process.

Get this stress-reducing program that will answer most if not all the questions you never asked regarding preparing for college admission and paying less for college. Click here.


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