College Drop Out

How To Prevent Being a College Drop Out

In the first 6 weeks of college, more freshmen will drop out more than at any other time this year; over 30% will drop out after the first year.

According to Dr. R. Gilbert of Montclair State University in New Jersey, the 6 tips below really work:

1. Treat your roommates like they’re your best friends…even if they aren’t.

2. No matter what your question, assume nothing. Keep asking until 2 people give you the same exact answer.

3. There’s an expert on campus to help you with any problem because they have a real interest in making sure you’re not a college drop out. Check with your Head of Residence first, and then go to the Dean of Students office.

4. Don’t be intimidated. College looks much more difficult than it really is.

5. Remember this quote when you think everyone else is so much smarter than you:

“College is a fountain of knowledge. A few come to drink, a few come to sip, and, unfortunately, the rest come to gargle.”

6. Quit?! When you feel like dropping out, or want to take a year off from college, repeat slowly this question several times:

“Would you like fries with that?”

This last one gets a few laughs, but it’s no joke. Like the condemned man about to be executed, it forces a student to focus on what’s really important.
For a solid strategy on how to pick the right fit colleges so your child doesn’t become a college drop out, click here.


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