To How Many Colleges Should You Apply?

At least ten. How to apply to college means a strategy of how many colleges your student applies to.

In addition to increasing your child’s chances of getting into a college somewhere,  apply to at least ten schools to greatly increase your chances of getting more financial aid. Plus, it increases your ability to appeal any and more financial aid offers: you‘ll be able to play one school‘s offer against another‘s.

NOTE: Never accept a college’s obnoxiously self-serving statement that they don’t look at another college’s offer.

Colleges find themselves faced with more accepted students not showing up in September because increasingly more students are applying to more than six or seven colleges. College officials think students are sooooo unfair in this regard. Is your heart bleeding yet for the colleges?

Plus, with only a few college choices needed to complete your FASFA form, each school assumes you‘re applying to lots of other colleges. They lament that you don‘t yet believe their school to be the one-and-only hallowed institution worth your overly committed, wildly enthusiastic and on-your-knees consideration.

The College Prep Formula reveals what happens when you use a modified version of this technique in the second year to gain more financial aid.

How to apply to college means always playing to win. And playing to win means applying to at least ten colleges.
The above is an excerpt from my book, How To Win The College Game. For more winning tips on getting into college for less, click here.


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