3 Things High School Seniors Should Do Early

This is the alternative “should do” for high school seniors.

There are plenty of articles on things high school seniors should do early, and this from Suzanne Shaffer is my favorite piece on scheduling. So I won’t give you a schedule here. Instead, I have three suggestions to maximize your senior’s admission chances before the end of the first semester:

1. Stop texting!  Okay, so your student won’t stop texting, but what your senior should do in the first ten weeks of high school is place the cell phone in the parent’s possession each day after 6 PM (Explain that the world will not end). Take note that hyper-texting teens, one study shows, are more likely to make poor choices in their lives.

2. Routinize yourself. Here’s the routine you want your student to follow, with the following requirement:  in your room are no additional distractions, such as a TV, a radio, or anything else that requires the engagement of both fingers and eyeballs in an electronic activity. Instead, study for 25 minutes and then go outside for 10 minutes for a brisk deep-breathing walk.  Keep this routine going until 10 PM, and get a good night’s sleep. I know, I’m dreaming.

3. Restrict your Facebook time to 15 minutes a day.  It’s not like cutting off your arm or anything. And if you’re done studying before 10 PM, don’t fill in the time with Facebook. Fill your free time with a relaxing activity that will expand your mind, such as light reading on a subject you enjoy. Oops! That’s an eyeball activity, right?

Disturbing fact: A Columbia University study reveals that teens between the ages 12 and 17 using Facebook are three times more likely to drink alcohol and twice as likely to use marijuana. Once all students get to college, a similar study reveals that nearly 50% of them will abuse drugs or alchohol.

Do yourself and your child a favor: show them the 3 things high school seniors should do early. Why? Because these three can teach your child the benefit of discipline in their lives, and that their future depends on it.

The first ten weeks take you right up to those Early Action deadlines (Nov 1 and Nov 15). Once these weeks are over, you can make some minor adjustments. And then have a sit-down discussion with your student on the real costs of college with this short chapter from my book (Psst! This is suggestion #4). Then, you’ll be able to do all the things that Suzanne suggests.
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2 Responses to “3 Things High School Seniors Should Do Early”

  1. suzanneshaffer Says:

    I especially like the suggestion of having the sit-down discussion. As far as the texting/Facebook limitations, you’re probably dreaming BUT parents and students should heed your wise advice.

  2. Paul Hemphill Says:

    Thanks, Suzanne. Dreaming is a speciality, and maybe – just MAYBE – a parent will take this bull by the horn and deal with it successfully.

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