College Early Action And Christmas

My coaching students are receiving their acceptances to colleges to which they applied on an Early Action (EA) basis.

I’m not going to list the reasons why any student should apply EA, but instead what happens when a student is accepted on this basis.

Validation! For once the student is feeling “accepted” for who s/he is, not for what everyone else has been claiming for years. Because some “institution” has said, “Congrats! You’re in,” it has validated the student in ways they never imagined.

“I did it!” is what I hear from my students at this time of year, and colleges who are smart enough to send out acceptance letters to Early Action applicants just before Christmas Day are doing the student and themselves an excellent service: the student is feeling ecstatic before the biggest holiday of the year, and the college is looking like an academic Santa Claus to the parents and the student.

Ego Boost: Any announcement of acceptance is a huge ego boost for a 17-year-old. And we all can use an ego boost from time to time. But this is a very special boost: it says the student has value, the kind that tells the student that your value has a great deal of weight with us, and we’re looking forward to seeing your value on our campus.

If your child is accepted to any college before Christmas Day, this is the time to celebrate to the max!
To view my video on the advantages of applying to college as an Early Action applicant, click here.


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